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Plant, Nurture and Grow your social media presence.


No matter if you are a new business or an established brand, a strong social media presence is a crucial tool to generate new leads and connect with existing customers 


Social media networks allow you to connect and engage with your audience in real time. Effective marketers nurture a solid brand relationship through comments, likes and shares.


Our team has the experience to analyze your social profiles and use the data to plant content, nurture engagement and ultimately grow your audience, achieving the results that make business sense to you. 

    Analysis + Engagement =

Sustainable Results

We have developed a solid process that iterates from analysis to content crafting, to effective social media management, to ultimate audience engagement. A single 60 day engagement with one of our clients resulted in sustainable online presence growth, increase in real followers and organic engagement.

Social Media Audit & Consulting

Do you really know what is your social media footprint? Do you know what your Audience is looking for? With our professional Social Media Audit, we can help you answer all the questions regarding who, what, when and where, and guide you to align your content with your audience and lead to effective organic engagement.

Content Creation & Social Media Management

We work with some of the best designers to create high quality content based on sentiment data from your audience and your business marketing goals. Let our team create the content and manage your social media while you do what you do best - Run Your Business.

Brand Analysis and Design

Your brand has value to you and to your customers. Our team can help you improve your current brand or even create a whole new brand for your business. We will work with you through the whole branding process and deliver a high quality branding guide.

Website Design and SEO

You may already have a nice website or you may just be at the initial idea stages of your business. Our team can help you figure out the best website design options based on your audience. We can design, code and deploy your new website, maintain your existing one or even just produce an actionable website audit report that will help you improve your Search Engine Optimization scores and your site's quality.

Data Driven From A to Z

"We measure twice and cut once"

  1. DAILY ANALYTICS AND REPORTING - Our team tracks everything tha happens to content posted in your social media accounts and uses that information on a daily basis to connect your audience to your content.
  2. DATA DRIVEN CONTENT DESIGN - Before we start creating content for your brand we analyze the data around the content you have already produced, your audience and your competitors. This gives a way to create the content, your audience wants to engage with.
  3. PURPOSE DRIVEN SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT - Every post, every comment, every like matters. We manage your social media with your business goals at the forefront. We help drive the content and the engagement toward your business success.

You are one step away from your free audit. 

Fill in the audit form and we will provide you with a valuable report on your social media, including:

Website Quality Check

Engagement Analysis

Audience Report

Social Profile Analysis

Website and Social Score

What are our client's saying about us?

We love working with the team at Seed Digital Media. They really understand our vision and our audience.

The team at Seed Digital Media has been excelent and we love the designs they come up for our brand.

It's hard finding a team that you can trust to manage something as important as your business image on social media. The Seed team does an amazing job.

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